Band Bio

High Carbon Steel is a budding country/bluegrass group based out of Kingston, TN. Cory, Dawson, Nathan, and Dylan have been playing covers of great artists across these genres together for years. Now they're beginning to write great music of their own and taking it (along with the songs that inspire them) anywhere people will listen. All while doing it in style (mostly plaid flannels).

The pairs of brothers met in their teens and quickly discovered how well they fit together.  Mostly just picking in the comfort of their homes, occasionally they would find an opportunity to play for family or a group of friends. Last year, they were ready to get out of the living room and into the ears of whoever would appreciate their music. Now you'll find them out in whatever restaurant or stage will have them, as well as online through their youtube channel. 

The group plays music spanning across the decades from country and bluegrass legends such as Merle Haggard, The Seldom Scene, George Jones, Blue Highway, and many many more. They are also very invested in the current revival of country music coming from artists such as Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson, Charley Crockett, etc. They're just getting into the world of writing music of their own, taking inspiration from all the artists that they've covered for years, as well as music from outside the genre (Rock, Blues, Soul, Pop, etc.). This blend gives them a sound of their own that is still growing every day.

High Carbon Steel as a band is as young as they come. They've got a couple good shows under their belts and are actively looking for more. With only a few shows lined up, for the most part, their availability is wide open. If you're looking for a good show and think they can fit the bill, don't hesitate to contact them!

Dawson Carter

Vocals, Guitar, mandolin, bass, steel

Dawson picked up the guitar at 14 years old. Early on, he loved to play 12-bar blues, mostly because it was easy to play along to with a looper. He always gravitated toward classic songs, and as he grew, so did his musical tastes.

Cory was the one who truly introduced him to bluegrass music. In an effort to fill a void in the band's bluegrass ventures, he learned to play mandolin and grew fond of the instrument. Most recently, Dawson began to take note of the pedal steel guitar parts on some of his favorite recordings and started to learn the instrument himself. While he's picked up a lot along the way, he's never left behind the things that got him started. At the end of the day, he still feels most at home on his telecaster.

Dawson graduated college in 2020 with an associates in Electrical Engineering Technology. He enjoys the work that he does now in the field of industrial automation, but one day hopes to be able to have the opportunity to play live music for a living.

Cory Marshall

Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Bass

Cory Marshall is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter based out of Kingston, TN. As of right now, he plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, and ukulele, and he is always itching to pick up something new. 

He grew up listening to the old bluegrass tracks his dad would show him from groups such as the Stanley Brothers, Reno and Smiley, and many others. Through the years, he has also been influenced by many other genres including pop, alternative, americana, and his personal favorite, punk rock. 

Cory graduated high school in 2018, and he soon after went on to study industrial electricity. He has since finished his apprenticeship and is now a full time industrial electrician. For now, he plays music part time, but he's looking to pursue music as his full time career.

Nathan Carter

Harmonies, Drums, Bass

While growing up, Nathan was always interested playing the drums. He grew up listening to an assortment of classic rock and country, and aspired to play the same. 2 years later, he picked up the bass, which has been his focus during his time playing in High Carbon Steel. He's learned to love bluegrass and is the main bass player for HCS' bluegrass sets. His tastes have grown exponentially, and he is open to playing a wide variety of music with the group. Drums are still his most comfortable instrument, and his most practiced.